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Weeell, seems like Bridgit is very busy right now. After we saw that GLC will have a second season and a movie, our gorgeous is filming a new movie, called “Lemonade Mouth”. Her caracter is Olivia Whitehead, the solist of the band.She’s the lead role, and I bet she’s very excited about filming this movie. Till` the movie premiere, I’m gonna show you some infos about the movie,and cast. Enjoy! Lemonade Mouth is a fiction novel written by Mark Peter Hughes and published in 2007 by Random House.The novel will be adapted into a Disney Channel Original Movie planned to be released sometime after Camp Rock 2.This movie shows the story of five Rhode Island freshmen – Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella and Wen – who meet in detention and decide to form a garage band using unusual instruments, including a ukulele. The detention buddies try to organize a student-led fight to save the school’s one organic frozen-lemonade machine that becomes the mascot of their band.You can check out more news on the movie’s official IMDB. Also, check out the book’s official site The castBridgit Mendler as OliviaChristopher McDonald as Principal BreniganTisha Campbell-Martin as Miss ReznickAdam Hicks as WenHayley Kiyoko as StellaLora Cunningham as Charlie’s Mom (as Lora Martinez-Cunningham)Chris Brochu as RayBlake Michael as CharlieNaomi Scott as MoNick Roux as ScottJohnnie Hector as CoachJermaine Washington as Beefy Guy #2Tom Romero as Mr. PrichardBob Jesser as Wen’s DadAimee Dale as Stella’s MomScott Taked as Stella’s Dad

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Bridgit MendlerBridgit Mendler and Leigh-Allyn Baker share a heart-to-heart talk in this new still from Good Luck Charlie.In the upcoming episode “Charlie Goes Viral,” PJ (Jason Dolley) makes a funny video of Charlie (Mia Talerico) that becomes an overnight internet sensation on the internet and leads to an on-camera interview with a local news crew.However, when Amy (Baker) takes the opportunity to relive her college news casting days and Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) uses the opportunity to advertise his business, the segment spins out of control. Meanwhile, Teddy (Mendler) and Spencer (Shane Harper) witness her family’s ridiculous antics on TV.“Charlie Goes Viral” premieres Sunday, August 29 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Bridgit Mendler has her Halloween costume all picked out in this new still from Good Luck Charlie.In the upcoming episode “Blankie Go Bye-Bye,” Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) enlists PJ (Jason Dolley) and Gabe’s (Bradley Steven Perry) help to throw Amy and Bob a surprise anniversary dinner. When Charlie’s (Talerico) favorite blankie is misplaced, Teddy tries to track it down, and PJ gets locked out of the house with Charlie left inside.Meanwhile, Gabe does his part to help with the surprise by taking Bob and Amy to a movie, but Amy gets stuck watching a movie she doesn’t want to watch.“Blankie Go Bye-Bye” premieres Sunday, August 15 @ 8:30PM ET/PT only on Disney Channel.

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Bridgit Mendler holds Mia Talerico close to her as she tries to smooze over her teacher in this new still from Good Luck Charlie.In the upcoming episode “Teddy’s Little Helper,” In an effort to win over her English teacher, Mr. Dingwall (Patrick Bristow), Teddy (Mendler) brings Charlie (Talerico) to class in hopes she will be able to charm him, but things don’t go according to plan when Charlie begins to get an upset stomach.Meanwhile, Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry) fires Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) as his basketball coach, and after hiring Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker), the team wins their first game ever. When her extreme enthusiasm starts to wear on the team, Gabe must find a way to bring Bob back in as coach.“Teddy’s Little Helper” premieres Sunday, August 1 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.HQ Stills, coming soon to our gallery!

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Bridgit posted yesterday 2 new photos, with her and friends having a water fight. Brid looks awesome

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Disney Channel freshman sitcom “Good Luck Charlie” is getting a second season — plus an original movie.Since premiering three months ago, “Charlie” has become the top-rated series on TV among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14. The comedy, about three teens (Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry) caring for their new baby sister, averages 4.1 million viewers each week.The second season will likely debut next year, and in the meantime the network is developing an original movie based on the show written by Geoff Rodkey (“Daddy Day Care”) and starring the show’s cast. Source: HollywoodReporterYES,Good Luck Charlie will get a second season AND an original movie,next year.Congratulations to our Bridgit and the GLC cast ! They all make a great job and are amazing actors!In the meantime,don’t forget to vote for Bridgit at the Teen Choice Awards clicking right here.Let’s help Bridgit win her first award!

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Here’s a new Friends For Change commercial.Bridgit,Jason and Bradley looked so amazing and made such a great team!!If they cannot convince you to make a change to your lifestyle,I don’t know what else can do that!Check it out

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The music video from Tinkerbell is now on YouTube !! I just can’t believe how beautiful she looks!Also,the song is amazing and so is her voice!For the moment the video is not in a very high quality,but let’s hope we’ll have it in HD soon!Check it out:

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Bradley Steven Perry flirts with Ryan Newman from afar in this new still from Good Luck Charlie.In the upcoming episode “Kit and Kaboodle,” When Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) is entrusted to “cat sit” for Mrs. Dabney’s beloved Kaboodle, Mrs. Dabney’s twin sister arrives with her own cat for a play date and before long, Kaboodle needs a feline therapist.Meanwhile, Gabe (Perry) misunderstands Amy’s advice and tells Kit (Newman), a girl he likes, that his parents are divorce in an effort to find something in common with her.JJJ recently caught up with Bradley about the episode and starring alongside his gal pal Ryan. He shared with us about working with her, ” It was great! I had a lot of fun working with Ryan. She’s a really good actress and so much fun to be with.”He also told us just what he would do in Gabe’s situation: “Gabe deals with his crush the wrong way! He lied to Kit by saying he had a lot of the things in common with her when he didn’t and gets himself in one big mess! I would not have lied to Kit in the first place and just hoped she would have like me for who I am.”“Kit and Kaboodle” premieres Sunday, July 11 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.Also..Thanks to JunkiePromotions , we added 4 new photos from “Miss Behave Premiere”: More pics have been added by Ann from different appearances/photoshoots (Radio Disney, New year’s eve, Disney/ABC summer press photoshoot…)

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