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Bridgit stars in Amazon‘s latest Christmas commercial for their newest gadget, AskAlexa. She looks so cute, check out the fun short commercial below:

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It’s hard to pick the most adorable moment from this Undatable episode. I can’t decide between Justin’s plan to carve a Donald Trump-kin, Bianca Kajlich dressing up as sexy Steve Jobs, or musical guest Meghan Trainor plunking “All About That Bass” on a ukulele. Whatever I choose, it’s clear that the Undateable cast and crew know exactly how to pull off an epic Halloween episode.

Justin is in full boyfriend mode with Candace. He asks Danny to let him know if he’s screwing things up by going too fast. Seconds later, Danny calls Justin out for excessive romance after witnessing Justin forcing Candace to pay the “hug toll” before she can leave the apartment. Warning: The hugs are longer and stronger during rush hour.

Check out the full recap right here and don’t forget to check out the episode stills we’ve added to our gallery below:

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If you’ve been patiently waiting for Bridgit Mendler to release her very own sunglasses collection, you’re about to be rewarded for hanging in there!

The actress shared a new selfie on Instagram where she’s rocking a cute pair of her own designs, and she revealed that you’re almost able to pre-order the look from her Dicks Cottons collaboration.

We’re so excited that Bridgit’s sunglasses are nearly shoppable, especially since her hard work paid off and her frame styles are so chic! Let us know if you’ll be ordering a pair!


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Candace (Bridgit Mendler) and Justin (Brent Morin) shared a kiss in the live season premiere of Undateable on Friday night.

In case you missed the show, you can watch the new episode on Undateable’s official page on We’ve also added some episode stills we hope you enjoy as well, check them out:

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As you may now, “Undateable” Season 3 Episode 1 “A Will They Walks Into a Bar” and Episode 2 “A Won’t They Walks Into a Bar” aired on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, at 9 p.m. on NBC.

An enraged Justin (Brent Morin) confronted Danny (Chris D’Elia) after the latter erased “Scandal” from DVR. Meanwhile, he always wanted to be updated with his “BFF” TV’s Scott Foley, who was known for his role as Jake in the ABC series. In order to punish Danny, Justin broadcasted his co-star’s real number on live broadcast. He also spoiled the latest episode of another ABC series called “Empire” to him, which made Candace (Bridgit Mendler) as she loved spoilers about everything.

On the other hand, their fellow characters started breaking the fourth wall by taking advantage of the show’s live broadcast. Shelly (Ron Funches) added that watching their show unfold live is the best and everyone began breaking their characters.

Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) felt devastated despite her new haircut. It was after she walked into Burski (Rick Glassman) and his new blonde girlfriend. Aside from Danny’s over-the-top reaction, the gang found out that Burski’s girlfriend believes he was blind! Leslie asked him to confess but he refused.

Justin and Candace announce that they will start taking their relationship to the next level by midnight and started singing in harmony together. It was during the three minutes mark before midnight that Foley arrived complete with flowers and alcohol. And that didn’t end well!

Danny began rambling about a lot of things including the aftermath if ever the two would break up. It hurt Candace’s feelings and felt hesitant about the relationship. Justin decided to play the ‘just friends’ card, asking her to reconsider joining in the Friend Draft. Everyone was paired with someone including Justin and TV’s Scott Foley. Danny was the only one left without a partner, however, things were not doing good with guys. Fights started between partners while Leslie stole a steamy kiss from Justin’s TV BFF.

The unsuccessful Friend Draft only proved that this Justin and Candace thing is not gonna happen. Because of this, Danny decided to make amends in a way that he can only do, which in a “Star Wars” way. He also caught the two in staring game and shoved them in front of each other. In the end, Candace landed a kiss on Justin.

In an article posted by Deadline, it was reported the “Undateable” Season 3 had a “soft” premiere compared to its competitions that night.

“Undateable” airs live every Saturday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Stay tuned for more stills and updates on the show!


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Bridgit Mendler is certainly one stylish star, and now she’s adding Accessories Designer to her resumé! The actress is creating her very own sunglasses collection with the brand Dicks Cottons, and even shared a cool behind-the-scenes pic snapped while working on the designs.

“I’m pumped to work with Dicks Cottons,” Bridgit shared. “We were on the same page with sunglasses taste from right off the bat. I’m looking forward to sharing our ideas with my fans around the world.”

Her line will consist of three new sunglasses styles with several colors of each style, and each pair will sell online for under $50. The line will first debut later this summer, with more looks being released after that!

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This week Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth interviewed Bridgit Mendler after her Venice Beach photo shoot! We asked you to send in questions and Bridgit answered!

Check out this awesome Q&A from the American Rag shoot in which Bridgit talks about her new album coming up very soon, her friends and a lot more fun stuff!

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Bridgit attended We Day at KeyArena on April 23 in Seattle. We have added 31 pictures of her on the red carpet and speaking on stage during the event. Check them out below:

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Cue the happy dances all over because Bridgit Mendler isn’t ruling out any sort of Good Luck Charlie reunion.

The 22-year-old Undateable actress answered fan questions on Facebook on Tuesday night (April 21) and opened up about her GLC fam.

“I love the cast and I think there is definitely a chance of a GLC reunion,” Bridgit shared after one fan asked about any possible reunion. ” I was on Good Luck Charlie for longer so it will always be an important part of me but Undateable is the world I’m in right now so I feel very connected to it.”

Bridgit added about her new Undateable family: “I miss disney! I loved working there so much. But NBC has been so kind to me and the cast and crew of Undateable is another family so I’m grateful for that.”


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It’s here! We’ve been hard at work with Bridgit Mendler to bring you Ragged 28 and it has finally arrived!

Bridgit handpicked the artists featured in this issue (hi Shane Harper, Katelyn Tarver, and Paris Carney!), showed us her favorite spots in LA and Northern Cali, shared the best springtime playlist ever, and even gave us a page out of her notebook: her handwritten lyrics to “Ready or Not”!

Download your very own copy to take on the go, or flip through our the interactive edition online! Either way, we can’t wait for you to check it out!


Check out the magazine right here. The issue looks absolutely beautiful and I’m very excited to read both Bridgit’s and Shane’s interviews. We’ve added a few of the pictures from the magazine and the shoot to our gallery, but make sure you read the magazine for the stories behind these pictures as well for more fun collages.

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