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Busch Gardens continues its live concert series this weekend with singer/song-writer Bridgit Mendler and American Music Award winners Hot Chelle Rae.

Mendler, known for her popular television show “Good Luck Charlie,” broke full force onto the music scene with her single “Ready or Not,” which quickly went platinum. Her debut album, “Hello My Name Is…” is a playful mix of pop, R&B, funk and a little soul united by Mendler’s powerful vocals and clever lyrics. Mendler performs this Saturday at 7 p.m.

How to get tickets – Complimentary tickets are distributed throughout the day at the park’s Guest Relations building. Tickets are distributed one-per-person on a first come, first served basis (while supplies last). All party members must be present to receive tickets. Tickets are required for entry to the concert. Premium seating in a reserved area is also available with the purchase of concert and dinner packages.


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Talented singer/songwriter Bridgit Mendler may have gotten her start on the Disney Channel, but the 20-year old actress and musician, who is currently working on her second album, prefers that you not compare her to Miley Cyrus.

“There may be some similarities, but I’m my own person,” the “Good Luck Charlie” star said to the Burlington County Times in a recent interview. At the age of 8, Mendler was bitten by the acting begun, and according to her, “it just kept building” from there.

Now with a debut album under her belt that premiered last fall, the singer is on her second summer tour, including a performance at Six Flags Great Adventure set for this Sunday, Aug. 25. Her setlist will include music from her album “Hello, My Name Is…,” a disc full of pop-rock, at times emotional and at times bubbly music featuring Mendler’s raspy, elastic voice, of which she co-wrote all of the songs.

“It’s a compulsion for me,” Mendler said of her songwriting. “Hello, My Name Is…” debuted at No. 30 on the Billboard charts, its lead single “Ready Or Not” peaking at No. 48 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The album has received generally positive reviews from critics, who praise Mendler’s singing voice and clever lyrical wit. But as one critic on SpinOrBinMusic noted, with an industry dominated by similar singers like Cher Lloyd, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, it’s going to be hard for Mendler to break in as a pop princess competitor.

Nonetheless, Mendler is proud of the musical work she’s done so far and is far from ready to give up.

And, with poignant ballads like “All I See Is Gold” and jazz-y pop tracks like “Love Will Tell Us Where to Go,” Mendler’s music never feels forced or contrived, and fans will be happy to know there’s more of it coming soon.

On Aug. 9, the singer confirmed to Billboard that had begun writing music for her sophomore album, and the star plans to release new something in the fall.

“I have written very casually a few songs and I think that’s kind of a good starting point for the next album, but I have a ways to go,” Mendler told Ryan Seacrest last week.


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Throwback! Bridgit Mendler is doing a Great Adventure concert!

Now Bridgit Mendler fans get to experience what their parents did back in the 80s and 90s, and those parents get to endure what their own parents did when the great bands of the era drew tweens to the area’s biggest theme park in force.

The Bridgit Mendler Great Adventure show is this Sunday, August 25, and the star of “Good Luck Charlie” will perform for fans at the Jackson, New Jersey venue before heading to Albany.

If you haven’t heard of Bridgit, your kids probably have. She’s the bubbly, blonde big sister of baby girl Charlie on the Disney hit, but at 20, she’s also breaking into pop. Disney stardom or no, however, Bridgit Mendler isn’t just a formulaic pop star — she explains that her album is real songwriting, and she had a specific vision for the work away from her tween sitcom: “I really wanted this album to stand on its own… I wanted there to be a balance of sounds on this album. I wanted variety and to just make things really interesting. One point I want to make is that this isn’t just something that comes out of a machine. It came out of me. This isn’t just something that I’m doing when I’m not acting. I’m really passionate about music. This isn’t about product.”

Citing Bob Dylan and Florence And The Machine as favorite acts that inspire her, the actress cum singer says: “I want to make music that stands the test of time… I’m just glad I have the opportunity to start with this and I just want to take it as far as I can.”

The Great Adventure gig is fitting, as Bridgit Mendler commented earlier this month that her tour feels more like “a party.”


Make sure you don’t miss the ticket giveaway right here and sign up while you still can. Good Luck!

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Bridgit Mendler has posed for a portrait, on Thursday, August 22 while in New York; I’ve added 18 medium quality portraits from the shoot, keep checking as I’ll be adding HQ’s any minute! So glad though we finally get to have new photoshoots pictures of her, she looks stunning! She is also the cover of the September Issue of Bliss Magazine, in which she looks amazing, make sure to buy the magazine for the exclusive chat she had with Bliss. Check out the portrait session and the cover + a scan below:

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > Pictorials > #033 – Amy Sussman Portraits
Magazines > 2013 > BLISS Magazine – September 2013 Issue

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Disney Channel star Bridgit Mendler is currently sharing her music with fans on the road and she recently sat down with us to discuss the excitement of headlining her first U.S. tour!

The Good Luck Charlie actress said she was really looking forward to kicking off this year’s full-fledged tour after only getting to do a few smaller shows last summer. “I think the audience enjoys it — hopefully. You know, an hour for me seems like a long time. So I’m like, oh, I hope I can be entertaining for a full hour,” she joked during the interview at Cambio Studios. “But it’s been really fun and it feels like a party. And now it’s really cool to see people singing along to the words of the songs.”

The singer/songwriter — who is enjoying the success of her second chart-topping single Hurricane off her current album Hello My Name Is… — said that although going on the road has its challenges, it definitely “feels like family” with her tour mates.

But another professional “family” — the cast and crew of Good Luck Charlie — is going to be broken up when the series ends its four-year run next year. “It’s been hard. I think just because we all feel so close, and we really enjoy what we do and where we are together,” she said about the show’s cancellation. “So to say goodbye to that is a bummer. But at the same time, I think we’re all so proud of what we’ve accomplished. And I’m excited to pursue new things and hopefully work more with them in the future.”

Watch the video to also find out Bridigt’s personal musical influences and to hear the one thing she can’t live without on tour!


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The transition from child star to full-fledged actor can be a slippery slope. Disney star and burgeoning singer-songwriter Bridgit Mendler talks to V.F.’s Krista Smith about how she avoided the curse of the child star and how she balances work, life, and college at the University of Southern California.

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Bridgit Mendler performed at Crazy Good Summer 2013 Concert Los Angeles at The Hollywood Palladium on August 14, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. I’ve added 30 High Quality pictures, more to come soon, make sure to check them out clicking the thumbnails below:

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Appearances > 2013 > August 14 – Bridgit Mendler performs on stage during Crazy Good Summer 2013, Hollywood Paladium

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The 20-year-old, who just yesterday performed at the Pop Tarts Crazy Good Summer surprise concert in Los Angeles, released her debut album Hello, My Name Is… back in October 2012 and fans are eagerly awaiting new music from the pop star.
“I have written very casually a few songs and I think that’s kind of a good starting point for the next album, but I have a ways to go.”

And although she has some more work to do, the singer does admit she’s focusing on her music and we can expect new jams in the fall!

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The only similarity Bridgit Mendler’s life has to other 20-year-olds is the fact that she took a class at University of Southern California this past spring.

It’s something she wants to do again — but how to fit it into a touring schedule?

Mendler plays Teddy Duncan in Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” and has appeared in “Wizards of Waverly Place.” She’s also been in Disney’s movie “Lemonade Mouth.” In 2012, she released “Hello My Name Is …,” her debut pop album.

She and Austin Mahone will be in concert at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Allen County Fair. Tickets are $39.

Recently reached by phone in Los Angeles, where she lives, Mendler said she’s grateful to be able to explore music in addition to acting.

“Music to me is a separate passion from acting and is something I’ve loved all of my life,” she said. “So it’s something that I think I always knew would be a big part of my life. … It’s amazing to be able to do both of these things.”

Mendler is originally from Washington, D.C., but moved to California as a child. Her first acting role was at age 13 on “General Hospital,” and at age 15, she started working for the Disney Channel.

“I kind of started working on music through ‘Lemonade Mouth,’” she said. “That led to the opportunity to put together an album. Hollywood Records has been really awesome in giving me the freedom to do that.

“I really love the creative experience, so I really love coming up with new ideas and new material, and at the same time I really enjoy working with other people, whether that’s my band or my crew or just meeting the audience or the fans along the road,” Mendler said.

She said she likes the pop format, which allows her to write love songs or songs about relationships.

“I enjoy writing stories about people’s lives and things that have impacted me or impacted other people,” Mendler said. “I think it’s something that’s fun to write about because it’s so relatable, and it carries so much emotion.
“I’m looking forward to writing my second album and just making it something that’s really special.”

Mendler is looking forward to the concert at the fair.
“They can expect a good time,” she said. “I love having fun with the crowd, and I love engaging them in music. Hopefully there will be a few surprises in my performances as well.”


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She certainly has enough acting work — including the Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” assorted movies and other TV work — to keep her busy.

But Bridgit Mendler is happy to be making music, too.

“It’s been really amazing to go through this whole process,” says the Washington, D.C.-born Mendler, 20, who released her first album, “Hello My Name Is …,” in October, launching the singles “Ready or Not” and “Hurricane.”

“That was an album I was really proud of. Seeing how ‘Ready or Not’ did is really exciting, and just putting out the content and seeing how people respond to that has been cool.”

Mendler, who also released a “Live in London” EP during April, says that playing live “is the most fun part of it,” although she also owns up to some stage fright.

“I definitely get nervous about if I’m going to forget the words to the songs or something,” she explains. “And I don’t enjoy being the center of attention for, like, an hour straight; I think that’s really stressful.

“But I definitely enjoy it, and I think the more I do it the less afraid I am. I just turn on some other persona that can hang with the crowd for that long, and I think it’s something I’ll enjoy more and more with every show.”

Mendler is already thinking about her second album, although a broken laptop computer swallowed some of the songs she’s been working on. Nevertheless she’s hoping to release it in 2014 but doesn’t have plans to ditch her acting work to accommodate her music career.

“People ask me if I have a preference of one over the other, and I don’t,” she says. “For me, they’re so different, and they both feel like something that’s so essential to who I am, especially because I started so young. As long as the opportunities are there I’ll continue to pursue them.

“But as long as I can write songs, whether for myself or (for) other people, (music) will be a big part of what I do.”


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