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Bridgit recently came out with a new single, “Temperamental love” featuring Devontée, available now on iTunes and Spotify. Check out the tune below, and don’t forget to support Bridgit by buying the song if you enjoyed it!

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As “Nashville” moves to a new home for season 5, the hit series will bring with them new faces. “Good Luck Charlie” alum Bridgit Mendler has been tapped for the show’s upcoming season.

Mendler will play the role of a “young [and] beautiful” YouTube star named Ashley Wilkenson, who is set to record her first studio album.

CMT television network describes the “Nashville” season 5 new character as “self-assured, stubborn and extremely talented, but behind her tough exterior is a well of vulnerability.”

It is unclear how the singer’s character will fit into the “Nashville” season 5 storyline although it appears that she has the singing chops to watch out for.

“Nashville” season 5 will premiere on CMT on Thursday, Jan. 5 with a two-hour episode. The show was canceled by ABC but the network, among the many that vied for it, was chosen to revive it.


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Four years later after her debut album “Hello my name is…” was released, Bridgit has at long last returned with a single that’s very post-Disney but no less beguiling than “Ready or Not.”

Atlantis” has been out since last month, but the brand-new video captures the progression of her style and presentation as she moves away from bubblegum pop. “Edgy” is too strong of a word, but there’s atmosphere in that yawning hook and promise in that yearning vocal performance.

Mendler’s new EP, Nemesis, is coming soon.

You can buy the song on iTunes right here and make sure to watch the music video below. We’re so excited to finally have new material from Bridgit and let’s make sure we get the new single to number one! Let us know what you think of the music video in the comments section.

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After three seasons — one of which was shot live — NBC has cancelled the comedy “Undateable”.

Insiders say the show effectively got the kibosh late last month when the cast and crew were given a heads up of the series fate, but as Variety previously reported, the official news would not come until the time of Upfronts.

In an effort to bring more viewers to the modest-rated show, “Undateable” went completely live for its third season, shooting nearly every episode live for both the east and west coast with a live studio audience and musical guests, which included The Backstreet Boys, Weezer and Megahn Trainor. The live format came after a live hourlong special during season two, which featured Ed Sheeran and aired to favorable response. However, even with the live shows for all of season three, ratings declined from the previous season as it and newcomer “Truth Be Told” never generated much ratings heat on Friday for the net.

According to Nielsen, “Undateable” averaged a 1.0 rating in adults 18-49 and 3.18 million total viewers in “live plus-3” estimates, and never really got much of a time-shifted lift. (It averaged 0.8 in the demo and 2.75 million in same-day numbers.)

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We’re so bummed to hear the news. Another great show has come to an end! We wish the cast well in their careers and hope to see them back on our screens soon!

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If you’ve been patiently waiting for Bridgit Mendler to release her very own sunglasses collection, you’re about to be rewarded for hanging in there!

The actress shared a new selfie on Instagram where she’s rocking a cute pair of her own designs, and she revealed that you’re almost able to pre-order the look from her Dicks Cottons collaboration.

We’re so excited that Bridgit’s sunglasses are nearly shoppable, especially since her hard work paid off and her frame styles are so chic! Let us know if you’ll be ordering a pair!


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Bridgit Mendler is certainly one stylish star, and now she’s adding Accessories Designer to her resumé! The actress is creating her very own sunglasses collection with the brand Dicks Cottons, and even shared a cool behind-the-scenes pic snapped while working on the designs.

“I’m pumped to work with Dicks Cottons,” Bridgit shared. “We were on the same page with sunglasses taste from right off the bat. I’m looking forward to sharing our ideas with my fans around the world.”

Her line will consist of three new sunglasses styles with several colors of each style, and each pair will sell online for under $50. The line will first debut later this summer, with more looks being released after that!

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This week Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth interviewed Bridgit Mendler after her Venice Beach photo shoot! We asked you to send in questions and Bridgit answered!

Check out this awesome Q&A from the American Rag shoot in which Bridgit talks about her new album coming up very soon, her friends and a lot more fun stuff!

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Cue the happy dances all over because Bridgit Mendler isn’t ruling out any sort of Good Luck Charlie reunion.

The 22-year-old Undateable actress answered fan questions on Facebook on Tuesday night (April 21) and opened up about her GLC fam.

“I love the cast and I think there is definitely a chance of a GLC reunion,” Bridgit shared after one fan asked about any possible reunion. ” I was on Good Luck Charlie for longer so it will always be an important part of me but Undateable is the world I’m in right now so I feel very connected to it.”

Bridgit added about her new Undateable family: “I miss disney! I loved working there so much. But NBC has been so kind to me and the cast and crew of Undateable is another family so I’m grateful for that.”


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It’s here! We’ve been hard at work with Bridgit Mendler to bring you Ragged 28 and it has finally arrived!

Bridgit handpicked the artists featured in this issue (hi Shane Harper, Katelyn Tarver, and Paris Carney!), showed us her favorite spots in LA and Northern Cali, shared the best springtime playlist ever, and even gave us a page out of her notebook: her handwritten lyrics to “Ready or Not”!

Download your very own copy to take on the go, or flip through our the interactive edition online! Either way, we can’t wait for you to check it out!


Check out the magazine right here. The issue looks absolutely beautiful and I’m very excited to read both Bridgit’s and Shane’s interviews. We’ve added a few of the pictures from the magazine and the shoot to our gallery, but make sure you read the magazine for the stories behind these pictures as well for more fun collages.

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The 22-year-old actress opened up about moving from Disney to NBC, Undateable and social media on the April 2015 issue of Bello Mag. Check it:

On going from Good Look Charlie to NBC: “It has definitely been different working with comedians, but encouraging for improv. We do a lot of improvisation on the show, so the approach to comedy is also new. I enjoyed working on Good Luck Charlie, and now I’ve come into this new series, and it’s like a new world of comedy.”

On making music with the Undateable cast: “I think they were familiar with my background in music, yes. But also, my co-star on the show, Brent Morin, and I did a little bit of singing in an episode, and it went well and it was fun. I think they thought it’d be fun to elaborate on that and make a video, something fun and extra that people would be able to find online on the show.”

On being aware of what she posts online: “I probably do feel more self aware on what certain things I comment on online, but I think for the most part I share things about my life, whether that’s a photo of my food or an animal. I’m well aware those things are necessarily fun, but I guess that’s how I do social media; it’s not something I use to rant about things. I’m not really inhibited to post different things about my social life, because there isn’t much to hide there. I think it all comes down to me being not that wild of a person, so it doesn’t leave much to shelter.”

On what makes a person ‘undateable’: “I think [that’s] someone who isn’t interested in getting to know other people. Some people just aren’t very intrigued by others and don’t have a curiosity for life, and I think that’s important.”


Check out 8 medium to high quality photoshoot pictures and scans from the Bello Mag issue below. Bridgit looks insanely beautiful, can’t wait to see more outtakes:

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