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I’ve added some old photos we didn’t had, mostly in high quality! Enjoy!

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I’ve added 5 large quality outtakes from Bridgit’s most recent photoshoot with JustJaredJr. She looks incredible! Check out the photos and the interview below:

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JJJ: We loved getting you dolled up for your feature. What was your favorite outfit?
BM: I had so much fun! I’d say my favorite look was probably the Barbie doll one, with the colorful dress and pink shoes. I think it’s really fun to play dress up and experiment with style. It’s fun to see how the makeup and hair combines with the outfit. I think what I like about shoots is that it’s so different from my day-to-day dress.

JJJ: We’re excited for everyone to hear your album, especially your single “Ready or Not.” How would you describe it?
BM: Thank you! Yeah, it’s not just about meeting some guy at night, it’s about self confidence. I thought it was a great introduction song. It represents the style of my album in a good way and sends a fun message – It’s kind of all about girl power!

JJJ: Nice. Did you co-write all of your songs?
BM: Yeah, I did. I got to work with some really talented people and I think we came up with some really fun stuff.

JJJ: Several of your tracks are about relationships. Has writing music ever helped you deal with a break up?
BM: I haven’t actually been in too many relationships, so I haven’t really had to deal with a breakup before, but I’ll let you know that it’s really worked as a diary for me. Songwriting is actually a really great outlet for me and I kind of recommend it, because it’s an awesome form of a diary and you get to sum it up in a song, then perform it really passionately.

JJJ: Do you think the sound of your album will surprise people?
BM: I hope that fans will get something that they’re not expecting out of it. It’s kind of funky, jazzy, pop music with a little bit of R&B. Each song is pretty unique and has its own style and inspiration, so hopefully people will enjoy the diversity!

JJJ: Were your lyrics inspired by real-life experiences?
BM: You know, I actually have a hard time writing about personal experiences just because a lot of times I can’t sum them up correctly. I don’t know why. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself. [Sometimes my lyrics] may describe a situation that happened to a friend and other times we come up with our own storylines. I think it can be fun to write about relationships just because they can be such unique stories with a lot of feeling and so many people can relate to them.

JJJ: How many tracks are on the album?
BM: There are 12. It was really hard deciding on what made it onto the album and what didn’t, because I feel each of the songs turned out being really unique, but I’m really happy with what’s on there.

JJJ: One of the songs that made the cut actually talks about blonde stereotype! Seeing how you have blonde locks, which stereotype would you say is your favorite and which one bugs you the most?
BM: The one I probably least like is the whole dumb blonde thing, but don’t actually encounter it that much. The stereotype I do like is that blondes have more fun, because I think it’s true!

JJJ: Another one titled “I Forgot to Laugh” is about getting revenge on a guy who has crossed you too many times. Have you ever ever done anything to get back at an ex?
BM: (Laughs) I’m not the revenge type, but in the song the girl has a lot of unresolved issues with this guy and she wants him to get a flat tire and get stranded! I wrote that song intending it to be really sassy. I think girls usually want [their ex] to think, “Oh, you’re going to be sorry.” You know, where people want them to feel like they made a mistake? I think that’s kind of the classic [way a girl thinks]. Although, I believe in forgiveness and resolving things, so that’s not my style, but I thought it was fun to write about.

JJJ: A lot of people will probably be able to relate to that one.
BM: Yeah, I think so too.

JJJ: Once you completed your entire album, who was the first person from your circle of friends or family that got to hear it?
BM: The first person who got to hear it was my mom. The CD actually came to the house when I wasn’t home, I was away on a trip, so [my mom] ended up calling me and was like, “I’m listening to your CD as I’m cleaning the house! It’s so great!” Yeah, she’s been using it as her soundtrack when she’s at the house. (Laughs)

JJJ: She’s probably so proud of you! Has breaking into the music industry always been a dream of yours?
BM: It totally has! I love acting, but music has always been a passion of mine, so for me it’s not something I’m doing because I can, I’m doing this because I really love it. I’ve been writing songs for a while, so it’s really fun to have the music be accessible to everyone.

JJJ: Who are some artists you look up to?
BM: A musician that really inspired me for songwriting was Bob Dylan. He’s so playful with his lyrics and he likes to tell stories. I also really enjoy the musicality of Adele and Etta James. I think they’re really cool figures to look up to.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite summertime song?
BM: “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. All of my friends and I like to listen to that one when we’re driving around.

JJJ: Is there anyone you’d love to go on tour with?
BM: I’d love to go on tour with Shane Harper because he’s a dear friend of mine and we’d have so much fun on the road!

JJJ: Besides singing, you also star on a popular Disney show! Is there any former Disney star whose career path you admire?
BM: I admire Ryan Gosling because he was able to make an adult acting career for himself. He’s done a wide range of projects and I’m also a fan of his music that he does on the side. I think his band has a really cool style, so being able to have both an acting career and music career is a fun thing.

JJJ: You have such supportive fans! If you could say anything to them right now what would it be?
BM: I know! I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been following my acting and music. Hopefully you guys appreciate the songs! I also love hearing from you!

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As the title says, ‘Ready or Not’ is finally available on iTunes, so click the photo above to purchase it!

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Here’s a new teaser for the ‘Ready or Not’ music video, which premieres on August 10th.

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Here’s the lyric video for ‘Ready Or Not’, and a video from the Radio Disney TakeOver. The song sounds absolutely amazing, I’m in love with it! <3

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I’ve added 13 more photos from the first event Bridgit attended as part of the ‘Give with Target’ campaign. Check them out in our gallery!

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I’ve added the first, high quality promotional of Bridgit, for the “Ready or Not” music video. She looks so gorgeous, check it out!

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TWIST just chatted with Bridgit Mendler, singer and star of Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie! Bridgit told them about her involvement with Target’s $5 million back-to-school campaign. She also spilled some exclusive deets about her upcoming single and album! Check it out below, along with a fun video of Bridgit talking about her work with Target! I’ve also added a few photos from the first event, and screencaptures from the promo video!

TWIST: Can you tell us about Target’s $5 million back-to-school campaign?
BM: Yeah, Target is donating $5 million to help schools and education. The campaign is going on this fall and the money will help schools across the country. Half of the money will be donated by Target to 100 schools, and they will each receive a $25,000 grant. Then Target will donate the other $2.5 million through Target gift cards and the schools will be decided by voting on Facebook.

TWIST: Why did you want to get involved with the Target campaign?
BM: I think education is so important. Also, it’s so important for kids to have everything they need to be successful in school. So I think it’s great that Target is making that happen and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

TWIST: Can you tell us about your music? You have a single coming out soon, right?
BM: Yeah, I have my new single, “Ready or Not”, which comes out August 3! It’s a really fun song! And then my album is coming out in September!

TWIST: Did you write your own songs for the album? If so, where do you get your inspiration?
BM: I co-wrote all of the songs on the album and I worked with some really awesome people! I get inspiration for songs just from everyday things and situations that happen in my life.

TWIST: Do you have any other upcoming projects our readers should know about?
BM: Well, I obviously have the Target campaign and then my single and album. Also, be sure to look out for the fourth season of Good Luck Charlie!

TWIST: We can’t wait! Thanks so much for talking with us, Bridgit!
BM: Thanks, TWIST!

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