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The 22-year-old actress opened up about moving from Disney to NBC, Undateable and social media on the April 2015 issue of Bello Mag. Check it:

On going from Good Look Charlie to NBC: “It has definitely been different working with comedians, but encouraging for improv. We do a lot of improvisation on the show, so the approach to comedy is also new. I enjoyed working on Good Luck Charlie, and now I’ve come into this new series, and it’s like a new world of comedy.”

On making music with the Undateable cast: “I think they were familiar with my background in music, yes. But also, my co-star on the show, Brent Morin, and I did a little bit of singing in an episode, and it went well and it was fun. I think they thought it’d be fun to elaborate on that and make a video, something fun and extra that people would be able to find online on the show.”

On being aware of what she posts online: “I probably do feel more self aware on what certain things I comment on online, but I think for the most part I share things about my life, whether that’s a photo of my food or an animal. I’m well aware those things are necessarily fun, but I guess that’s how I do social media; it’s not something I use to rant about things. I’m not really inhibited to post different things about my social life, because there isn’t much to hide there. I think it all comes down to me being not that wild of a person, so it doesn’t leave much to shelter.”

On what makes a person ‘undateable’: “I think [that’s] someone who isn’t interested in getting to know other people. Some people just aren’t very intrigued by others and don’t have a curiosity for life, and I think that’s important.”


Check out 8 medium to high quality photoshoot pictures and scans from the Bello Mag issue below. Bridgit looks insanely beautiful, can’t wait to see more outtakes:

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