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Written by Ann Monday, February 18th, 2013 in Bridgit Mendler with no comments

Brdigit Mendler can’t wait to unleash her portfolio of shiny pop tunes on the UK.

And after chancing upon an inspired master class with Brit lad Ed Sheeran, 21, she’s on the right track.

The Washington DC lass told me: “When I was supporting Ed, he was free-style rapping backstage with Jason Mraz and it was amazing to see how good they were. He’s got great style and word play, so I’d love to write with him.”

After years of pining for a career in pop and overcoming an attack of confidence, her performance on The X Factor USA last year was a dream come true.

She revealed: “I used to watch those shows all the time but never considered auditioning because I didn’t think I could make it in music.

“I was focusing on acting at the time and didn’t see myself as a great singer, so it was truly incredible to be on the show.”

The tables have officially turned as single Ready Or Not, out March 4, is a Stateside success story, drawing comparisons with Canadian chick Carly Rae Jepsen, 27.

Bridgit, 20, mused: “Carly has done very well and popped out of nowhere with a huge song, so it’s flattering. But we have different styles and it’s easy to blend all girls in pop music into one.”


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